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MayaWorks artisans are Role Models in Their Villages

Posted on July 14, 2016 by jeannie There have been 0 comments

Eufemia and her daughter in their home in Agua Caliente.

I just returned from a visit to our artisans in Guatemala and, as always, I feel renewed by their stories.  It’s incredibly inspiring to learn about the trials and tribulations of the women and how they overcome adversity. Take, for instance, the story of Eufemia.

Eufemia’s life in her small village of Agua Caliente was difficult from early on.  She attended school only up to second grade.  By age 16 she was married and, by age 21, she was widowed.  Alone with three daughters under the age of five, Eufemia had no choice but to leave her community in the highlands to find work on the coastal plantations.

Life harvesting sugar cane was hard.  With her daughters in tow, Eufemia worked from sunup to sundown.  The work was grueling and her migrant lifestyle made it impossible to send them to school regularly. Fortunately, Eufemia found work with MayaWorks which allowed her to earn income using her weaving skills.  This gave her the freedom to stay in her community so that her daughters could attend school every day,

With the income she earns form MayaWorks, Eufemia confidently supports her family.  She is determined to keep working hard to be a role model for her daughters and for her community.  Eufemia is one of MayaWorks most creative artisans.  She’s constantly coming up with new designs on her treadle foot loom and loves to see her creativity channeled into marketable products.

Artisans like Eufemia are counting on us to give a hand up so that they can create a better life for their families.

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