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Creating New Judaica Products with Microcredit Loans

Posted on July 28, 2016 by jeannie There have been 0 comments

The new tallit on the loom.

The weavers from Agua Caliente are really excited.  They're excited because their new looms have been installed which they purchased, in part, using a MayaWorks microcredit loan.  MayaWorks also provided some grant funds to help the women with the purchase.

With these looms, the weavers will create a new product that already promises to be a great seller -- a tallit, a prayer shawl used by Jewish people when they pray or attend services at the synagogue. They will also be able to use the looms to create many other products that they will sell in their communities.
The woman have been hard at work perfecting the tallit.  While the artisans are adept at creating shawls, this one has been particularly challenging because it requires significant sewing which is not something that comes naturally to weavers.  They persevered, however, and preliminary market tests show this is going to be a popular product. This is good news for the artisans.  They will earn more income weaving this niche product and be able to pay off their loan in a shorter time.

Microloans are an important part of the way we can support artisans as they work toward lifting themselves out of poverty.

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