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School Fundraiser


MayaWorks offers schools a unique and socially responsible fundraising opportunity that helps meet financial goals while also educating students and their communities about fair trade and economic justice.

MayaWorks' fair trade school fundraiser program is valuable because it:

  • Teaches the school community to be socially conscious consumers.
  • Offers high quality hand-woven and handcrafted products that sell themselves.
  • Provides a 40% return on sales and no catalog fees so that your school reaches its fundraising goals.
  • Allows you to place large orders all at one time in an easy to use electronic format.
  • Supplies a sample package of products to display at your school.
  • Includes a resource list to incorporate fair trade and Mayan studies into the classroom.

By selling MayaWorks products not only does your school meet its financial goals but you help
families thousands of miles away:

  • Approximately $0.70 of every dollar that MayaWorks earns in sales and donations goes back to the people of Guatemala in the form of wages and programs.
  • Children of artisans benefit from tutoring centers supported by sales revenue.
  • Daughters of artisans receive scholarships so that they can attend school.
  • Women benefit from small microcredit loans to start their own businesses.

Your school community will fall in love with the beautiful handmade products of Guatemala! MayaWorks provides you with the tools to make your next school fundraiser a success.

If you are interested in implementing the MayaWorks school fundraising program at your school please submit a school fundraiser contact request form to receive additional information. For immediate assistance contact or call 312.243.8050.