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Solid Purple Guatemalan Fair Trade Clerical Stole


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MayaWorks Fair Trade Clerical Stoles are hand crafted thread by thread by indigenous Maya artisans in Guatemala. These stoles are hand woven on treadle foot looms using weaving skills that have been passed down from generations. Each stole takes 15 hours to craft and is of the highest handmade quality. Liturgical Guatemalan stoles make a unique and meaningful gift for your favorite social justice oriented pastor. The clerical stole incorporates the symbol of the cross as well as shafts of wheat, fish, bread, and the chalice. In accordance with the liturgical calendar, the color purple is typically worn at Advent or during Lent. Each fair trade clerical stole measures 4” wide and 52.5” long from the drop and has a 4” additional fringe on either end. Straight neckline is held from the collar by a woven fabric chord. Woven with 100% cotton thread, clerical stoles can be spot cleaned.

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Solid Purple Guatemalan Fair Trade Clerical Stole

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MayaWorks clerical stoles are hand woven by indigenous Maya artisans in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. This small town is nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlán and the small hamlet where the stole weavers live is called Panabaj. This group consists of about 30 individuals and they are the only MayaWorks artisan group that speaks the indigenous language of Tzutujil. These artisans have been perfecting the craft of weaving liturgical stoles since the 1970s. A priest in their community had developed this idea as a source of income for the indigenous weavers. MayaWorks has been working with these talented artisans for 15 years. We provide them with a fair and living wage for their work that allows them to support their families, send their children to school and put nutritious food on the table. The artisans are so glad to be able to sell their fair trade clerical stoles within the United States!