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The Guatemalan Peace banner is hand woven by the artisans of Agua Caliente, a rural village near San Juan Comalapa. The group consists of 9 women who are very skilled weavers and excel at making crafts on treadle foot looms. The artisans of Agua Caliente are very creative and have come up with many of their own unique designs! The artisans are proud to be able to weave this message of peace and are so thankful for their many customers in the United States. By working in fair trade they have lived this message of peace in their own lives as they are able to better support their families and bring economic development to their community.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom Banner

  • Newly designed! This unique fair trade banner presents the message of universal peace as it artfully displays the words “Peace, Salaam, Shalom” in the languages of English, Arabic and Hebrew. This decorative banner is hand woven using Maya traditions and skills by indigenous artisans in Guatemala. Banner measures 12” wide by 15” long and is suspended by two wooden dowels. Item can be hung from fabric cord attached to the top of the banner. Makes a wonderful gift and displays beautifully when hung inside the home or office. Hang on your front door as an inviting welcome message! Available in blue or off white.
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