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The artisans who make our Guatemalan Expandable Headband are from a tiny remote hamlet in the central highlands called Agua Caliente.  The artisans of Agua Caliente are extremely skilled weavers.  They weave much of the fabric used to create MayaWorks beautiful products.  The women of Agua Caliente are very creative and love to craft new designs often presenting us with their prototypes for production consideration.  Most of the women in Agua Caliente never attended school but they have made it a priority to learn to read and speak Spanish.  Taking time from their busy lives, the artisans of Agua Caliente dedicated two afternoons a week for three years to study with a literacy teacher who was paid by MayaWorks. Today, the artisans of Agua Caliente read Spanish at a sixth grade reading level.

Spring Berry Ikat Headband

  • This adorable ikat headband is the perfect fair trade gift for any young woman on your shopping list. These hand-woven Spring Berry headbands are a wonderful accent to any outfit. They keep the hair out of your face and are extremely stylish! The Spring Berry Ikat Headband is magenta and white with an elastic band in the back to hold in place. The headband is 1-1/4” wide. Our fair trade ikat headband fits girls and women of all ages.
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