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Our hand-beaded polar bear ornament is made by skilled Maya artisans from the town of Santiago Atitlán. Santiago is a small indigenous village on the shores of breathtaking Lake Atitlán. Artisans from Santiago Atitlan are the only MayaWorks artisans that speak the indigenous language, Tz'utujil. About 30 Tzutujil artisans hand-bead our fair trade Christmas ornaments. Making beaded holiday ornaments is a great source of work for Maya women. They can bead the fair trade Christmas ornaments from home which allows them to take care of children and elderly family members while earning a steady income.

Polar Bear Christmas Ornament

  • This sweet bear will make a memorable addition to your Christmas tree! Handmade by Maya artisans in Guatemala with beautiful glass beads from Czechoslovakia, this ornament is as unique as it is adorable. This ornament makes a meaningful gift for anyone who is interested in social justice, as its purchase directly impacts the lives of the indigenous artisans who create it by helping them to support their families, put food on the table and improve the status of their communities. Made of primarily white and silver beads, the polar bear wears a festive green and red ribbon around his neck. The bear stands 2 ½ inches tall with a 2 inch beaded loop for easy hanging on your tree. This fair trade ornament will add a special touch to your tree this holiday season. This Christmas ornament features a double sided design so that, when hanging, it can be viewed from any angle!
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