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This beautiful hand made tallit bag is created by the talented Mayan artisans in the community of Agua Caliente, in San Jan Comalapa, Guatemala. There are 9 women in this group who create many of MayaWorks brocade products. Their community is located in a remote rural village in the central highlands near the city of Comalapa. This skilled group creates many of MayaWorks home accents as they are extremely talented at weaving on treadle foot looms. The women of Agua Caliente are extremely creative and as a result have created many unique fabric designs! These women have been working with MayaWorks since the early 1990s and their work has allowed them to not only support their families but also start their own small business through MayaWorks microcredit loans. Some women have bought dairy cows and others grow blackberries for extra income. One artisan and her husband started a small lumber yard with a MayaWorks microcredit loan.

Tallit Bag

  • Customers have been asking us to make just a tallit bag and finally we did! MayaWorks' beautiful fair trade tallit bags are hand-woven by Maya artisans in the highlands of Guatemala. Traditional Mayan symbols adorn this exquisite tallit bag. For the Maya, the "rupan plato" represents the blessings of fruit and bread. The handmade tallit bag measures 13"x10" and fits most tallitot. The white on whte brocade is stunning. Flap closure ensures that you won't catch your tallit in a zipper and its generous size secures your tallis. Flap closure measures 4-3/4". This fair trade tallit bag is 100% cotton. We recommend you hand wash in cold water and line dry. For more information please inquire at MayaWorks’ handmade fair trade tallit bag is a perfect gift for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah!
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