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MayaWorks is a fair trade organization. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America and our business model is built on fair trade principles. So what does this mean?​

MayaWorks creates opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers.​​​​​

MayaWorks respects the cultural identity of our artisan partners and recognizes the importance of weaving in the Mayan culture.

MayaWorks pays all artisans a fair wage in the local context for their goods, ensuring that our partners and their families can meet basic needs.

MayaWorks artisan partners work in safe and healthy working conditions without child labor.​​

MayaWorks builds long term direct relationships with our artisan partners.

MayaWorks engages in environmentally sustainable business practices and encourages our artisan partners to use local and recycled resources.

MayaWorks offers technical and financial assistance to our artisan partners as well as education and microcredit opportunities.

MayaWorks works to develop transparent and accountable relationships that are fair, consistent, and respectful with producers and customers.

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