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Santiago, located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, is the home of the happy artisans of Chuchiyá. These artisans come together along the lake to crochet MayaWorks' handmade fair trade kippot or yarmulkes and to enjoy each other's company!  Each handmade kippah takes approximately 4 hours to crochet. The artisans of Santiago not only crochet but are very skillful with embroidery.  The Chuchiyá artisans designed this beautiful Olive Branch yarmulke.  The women crochet to generate a steady income for their families. They are paid a fair wage for each yarmulke.  The Chuchiyá artisans receive literacy trainings, eye exams and eyeglass donations, skills and leadership trainings, low-interest microloans as well as scholarships for their daughters to attend school.  Several years ago on a MayaWorks tour to Guatemala, a Jewish friend saw MayaWorks artisans making hacky sacks.  She said if the women can make hacky sacks they can make kippot!  And thus a new MayaWorks product was born!  MayaWorks hand-crocheted yarmulkes are its best selling product and create much needed work for our artisan partners many of whom have limited economic opportunities in Guatemala.  The Maya are a very respectful people and take extra care when crocheting our handmade yarmulkes because they understand the importance of kippot to the Jewish community.

Olive Branch Jewish Kippot-Yarmulke

  • MayaWorks' fair trade Olive Branch yarmulke is a work of art! Simple yet elegant, the kippah is crocheted using natural colored thread. Next olive branches are embroidered on one side of the yarmulke for dramatic effect. Completely designed by women artisans of Santiago, Atitlán, this kippah is sure to be your favorite! Each fair trade Olive Branch kippah is approximately 6 inches in diameter, but variation may occur due to the handmade nature of the yarmulke. Artisans craft their designs to reflect their skills. The artisans of Santiago are known for their exquisite embroidery and are proud to offer this kippah to the Jewish community to highlight their skill.




    MayaWorks' yarmulkes are 100% cotton. We recommend hand washing in cold water and line drying. Your purchase of our Fair Trade Olive Branch Kippot is a wonderful Mitzvah and represents the highest form of Tzedakah. It provides income to the artisans who crochet the kippot which means better food on their family table, better access to health care and school for Maya children. You can make a difference in the lives of a Maya family in Guatemala!

  • We offer discounts to our customers when ordering in bulk quantities:


    If you order 14-99 kippot, you receive a 25% discount. 

    Use promo code KIPPOT25 at checkout


    If you'd like to purchase a bulk order of 100 or more kippot, contact MayaWorks at for a 50% discount code. 


    For more information about bulk ordering, please see our FAQ or contact MayaWorks at for any questions regarding our bulk discounts.

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