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This handwoven hot pad is crafted by the talented indigenous artisans of the community of Chixot, which is located in the central highlands of Guatemala near Comalapa. The group is comprised mostly of women but also a few men. The Chixot artisans have amazing sewing skills which are apparent in the beautiful craftsmanship of this handmade product. The Chixot artisans earn a fair wage and work under safe conditions from their homes. The income they bring in allows them to better support their families. Using this hot pad in your kitchen reflects the beautiful colors and culture of Guatemala!

Recycled Mayan Hot Pads

  • Handwoven using traditional weaving techniques, our colorful handcrafted recycled Mayan Hot Pads are a functional and unique addition to your kitchen. These colorful fair trade hot pads feature a variety of our handwoven fabric patterns in a star design on the front, with a heavy duty protective fabric on the back recycled from the skirt fabric worn by indigenous women in Guatemala. Pouches on the front of the recycled hot pad allow you to insert aromatic spices such as glove, nutmeg, cinnamon or anise. Not only will these fair trade hot pads protect your table, they will make your whole house smell divine! Makes a great gift! 100% cotton.

    Photo on left is back of hot pad, photo on right is front of hot pad.
    *Hot pad is sold individually

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