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Each of these beautiful Fair Trade Woven Guatemalan Silky Scarves are beautifully handcrafted by a Maya artisan in the Tzanjuyu group in Comalapa. These 9 women use a traditional weaving technique and hand weave each scarf on a foot loom. The Tzanjuyu group are expert weavers and both weave and sew the final product. The income the women receive from their work with MayaWorks allows them to educate their children and purchase nutritious food to feed their families. They have also benefited from MayaWorks microloans and literacy classes.

Woven Silky Scarf

  • These luxurious Fair Trade Woven Guatemalan Silky Scarves are handmade by indigenous Mayan artisans in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. These scarves are handwoven using silky rayon and cotton threads. The beautiful two-tone design of the scarf features complementary colors in the vertical and horizontal lengths of the handwoven fabric. Each handcrafted silky scarf measures approximately 65” long x 9” wide. Can be worn wrapped around the neck or loosely knotted and worn in front. Comes in Mint Green, Red, or Salmon.

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