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MayaWorks Guatemalan clerical stoles are handwoven by artisans in the small hamlet of Panabaj, located within the town of Santiago Atitlán which is situated on beautiful Lake Atitlán. These artisans have been perfecting the craft of weaving stoles since 1970. This tradition was created by an American priest by the name of Stanley Rother who was living in Santiago Atitlán. Overwhelmed by the poverty of the community, "Padre Aplás", as he was called, had the idea of using the artisan's traditional skills of weaving to create a product they could sell as a steady source of income. This is how the idea of making stoles came to light. Padre Aplás was later murdered in the Guatemalan Civil War but his spirit lives on in the community of Santiago! MayaWorks began working with stole weavers in 1997. They are paid a fair wage for their work which allows them to create economic stability for themselves and their community.

Solid Clerical Stole

  • Handmade fair trade clerical stoles are crafted thread by thread on treadle foot looms by artisans in Santiago Atitlán. Each stole takes 15 hours to create. These Guatemalan clerical stoles correspond to the liturgical seasons and are decorated with symbols of shafts of wheat, bread, fish, chalices and the cross. The green clerical stole is one of MayaWorks most popular stoles because it can be worn often during Ordinary Time in accordance with the liturgical calendar. The red clerical stole can be worn to celebrate the passion of Jesus, confirmation, and recalls the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The purple stole is typically worn during the seasons of Lent and Advent and symbolizes penance and renewal. The blue liturgical stole is often worn to celebrate Advent and symbolizes hope. The white stole symbolizes joy and victory and is often worn during the seasons of Christmas and Easter as well as many other feast days. Fair trade clerical stoles make a unique gift for your pastor. Hand woven Guatemalan stoles are great for celebrating milestones and special occasions. Each stole measures approximately 4” wide by 52.5” long (105 inches from end to end) with an additional 4” fringe at each end. Straight neckline is held away from the color with a woven chord. 100% cotton, spot clean.

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