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About 30 indigenous Guatemalan women create the hand-beaded mezuzzot, jewelry and personal accessories of MayaWorks. These artisans are from Santiago Atitlán, a small indigenous village on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlán. The Maya from Santiago speak one of the 21 indigenous languages spoken in Guatemala today, Tzutujil. The beaded mezzuzot are a great source of work for Tzutujil artisans. They bead the fair trade mezzuzot from home which allows them to take care of children and elderly family members while earning a steady income.

Beaded Solid Mezuzzot

  • These fair trade beaded mezuzzot will bring a little bit of Guatemala into your home. A departure from MayaWorks’ traditional Star of David mezzuzot, our brand new mezuzzot will match your home décor and come in two beautifully beaded colors: blue and green. Each color option is composed of hundreds of beads in varying shades, creating a beautiful sparkling effect. Each mezuzah is hand beaded by Maya artisans in Guatemala using beautiful Czechoslovakian glass beads. Purchase of the mezuzzot helps to support these artisans and their communities and greatly improves the quality of life of their families. The hand beaded mezuzah is made with a flip-top covering and a beaded loop closure to secure a klaf inside, as well as beaded loops to secure on a doorframe. The fair trade mezuzah is 5 inches tall with an additional 2-1/2 inches of beaded fringe that hangs from the bottom. Purchase a Guatemalan beaded mezuzah for every room in your home! These mezuzzot make wonderful and meaningful housewarming gifts.
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