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Our Guatemalan Hand-Woven Nifty Gift Card Ornament is made by the weavers of Xetonox. Xetonox is a tiny hamlet about an hour off the Interamerican Highway into the mountains of the Department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. This small community boasts a locally supported school, a church and small "milpas", plots of land, where families raise the traditional corn, beans and squash as well as some of the newer products for import such as snow peas and strawberries. Several years ago a group of 8 women in Xetonox decided they wanted to work together to create additional income for their families. They started making products with corn husks which were abundant in their small community. Today their most popular product is our Recycled and Handmade Cord Husk Christmas Ornament. Find these corn husk angels under our Holiday section.

Nifty Gift Card Ornament

  • These handmade holiday ornaments are a unique adornment for your Christmas tree. Not only do they add a Mayan flair to your Christmas tree, you can also hide a gift card in the secret zipper compartment on the back of the ornament or tie it on a Christmas present. The Guatemalan Hand-Woven Nifty Gift Card Ornament measures 3-1/2 inches wide by 5 inches tall and comes in red or purple.

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