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Our hand-beaded cardinal ornament is made by skilled Maya artisans from the town of Santiago Atitlán. Santiago is a small indigenous village on the shores of breathtaking Lake Atitlán. The artisans of Santiago revere nature and love birds.  Their clothing is heavily embroidered with beautiful images of birds, animals and flowers.  About 30 Tz'utujil artisans hand-bead our fair trade Christmas ornaments. Making beaded holiday ornaments is a great source of work for Maya women. They can bead the fair trade Christmas ornaments from home which allows them to take care of children and elderly family members while earning a steady income.

Cardinal Christmas Ornament

  • You will love looking at this adorable cardinal hanging on your Christmas tree! Handmade by Maya artisans in Guatemala, this delicate fair trade ornament is made of beautiful glass beads from Czechoslovakia. An indigenous artisan hand beads each ornament individually, and the purchase of these ornaments helps to improve the lives of the artisan’s family. Sales help her to provide food and basic necessities, as well as contribute to the overall economic development of her community. Made of primarily red and orange beads, this exquisite fair trade handmade ornament will stand out on your tree. This handmade work of art would make a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys nature or appreciates fine hand beaded craftsmanship. The cardinal is approximately 3 inches tall, including the fringed tail, and also includes a beaded loop for easy hanging on your tree. This fair trade ornament is as delicate and colorful as it is unique!
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