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Two of MayaWorks' weaving partner groups come together to create this beautiful matzah box. The fabric is woven by 8 women in the hamlet of Agua Caliente in Comalapa, located in the central highlands of Guatemala. Using expert weaving techniques, Agua Caliente artisans handweave the fabric on a treadle foot loom. The sewing and final construction is handcrafted by the Chixot artisans, a group of 11 men and women who are experts in complicated construction pieces. The artisans are paid a fair wage for their work and receive other benefits such as literacy classes and technical skills trainings.

Brocade Matzah Box and Bread Basket

  • This brocade matzah box will add a special touch to your Passover Seder. The indigenous women who weave the fabric covering the box incorporate a traditional Mayan symbol. The diamond shaped symbol, called the "rupan plato", represents the blessings of fruit and bread. The box measures 9x9x3" and fits several pieces of matzah. The corners come together with a chord that can be untied for easy storage after Passover. Off white. Spot clean.

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