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Our hand-woven fair trade tallit is handmade by Lila and other artisans from the Tzanjuyu group who live in the highlands of San Juan Comalapa. The matching crocheted kippah is hand-crocheted by artisans from San Marcos La Laguna who live along the shores of Lake Atitlán.  Textiles are an integral part of the Mayan culture.  Weaving is an ancient tradition passed down from mother to daughter.  Young girls often learn to weave even before they start school and continue to weave throughout their lives.  The artisans who craft our handmade fair trade tallitot and kippot are master weavers and crocheters who infuse years of experience into these beautiful sets.  The artisans craft these handmade items with particular care because they understand how special each tallis and kippah is to the people who purchase them.

Tallit Set 22 Inches

SKU: TS-22
  • Celebrate a special moment with our NEW handmade tallitot sets! MayaWorks exclusive fair trade tallit and tallit bag are hand-woven by Maya artisans in the highlands of Guatemala. Mayan-inspired diamond shapes set against a multi stripe pattern in blue, burgundy, lilac or rainbow tones adorn the handmade tallit. For the Maya, the diamond represents the four corners of the universe and also represents the volcanoes of Guatemala. The matching handmade tallit bag measures 13"x10" and matching hand-crocheted Mayan kippah is 6 inches in diameter with white and blue or burgundy tones. The rainbow tallis arrives with the psychedelic rainbow kippah in random designs. Fringe on the tallis is hand-tied. The tallit arrives with hand-knotted tzizit. MayaWorks' fair trade tallis measures 22" wide by 72" long. All products in the tallit set are 100% cotton. We recommend you hand wash in cold water and line dry. MayaWorks’ handmade fair trade tallit is a perfect gift for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

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