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In the tiny Guatemalan hamlet of Comalapa, eight women of the Agua Caliente hand weave the colorful fabric and handcraft the Handmade Fair Trade Guatemalan Worry Doll Mirror. These skilled Mayan weavers create the colorful fabric of the worry doll mirror on the foot loom. The foot loom is handmade using local labor, and requires no electricity to run, saving precious resources.

Worry Doll Mirror

  • The Guatemalan Worry Doll Mirror is a best selling product for MayaWorks! Each mirror is handcrafted with colorful braided handwoven fabric, then adorned with small dolls wearing traditional Guatemalan clothing. In Guatemalan legend, the worry doll is said to take one’s troubles away. Traditionally, people whisper their worries to the dolls, then put them under their pillow before bedtime. The next day, the dolls are said to have taken those troubles away! These colorful handcrafted mirrors are sure to bring cheer to any home or classroom where they hang. Make a great gift for teachers or young adults! The mirrors measure 9” in diameter and have a small fabric loop for hanging. Due to their handmade nature, each mirror is unique.
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