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In the tiny Guatemalan hamlet of Comalapa, the eight women of the Agua Caliente group weave the fabric for the Handmade Guatemalan Worry Doll Wreaths and handcraft the final product. These skilled Mayan weavers create the colorful fabric of the worry doll wreath on the foot loom. The foot loom is handmade using local labor, and requires no electricity to run, saving precious resources. During the 36 year civil war in Guatemala, Agua Caliente was a community that suffered violence and many women became widows. Living in a rural community without the income of a husband, the women lacked the opportunity to make an income and struggled as single mothers. MayaWorks provides a steady income, a fair wage, literacy classes, and technical and professional trainings.

Worry Doll Wreath

  • The Handmade Fair Trade Guatemalan Worry Doll Wreaths are handcrafted using braided colorful handwoven fabric. Tiny, handmade worry dolls adorn the wreath and are handcrafted in the typical dress of indigenous Mayan Guatemalans. In Guatemalan legend, the worry doll is said to take one’s troubles away. Traditionally, people whisper their worries to the dolls, then place them under a pillow. The next day, your troubles will be gone! These colorful and typical Mayan wreaths will surely make any home joyful when hung! Features small fabric loop to hang the wreath. 100% cotton with small paper and fabric worry dolls.

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