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This fair trade matzah box is made by two of MayaWorks' artisan partner groups. The artisans of Xetonox, who are extremely skilked weavers, create the fabric on treadle foot looms. MayaWorks provided training for the artisans to aquire this difficult skill of weaving ikat fabric. The artisans of Chixot, who are skilled at sewing, do the final construction of the box. Both artisan groups live in the central highlands of Guatemala and are indigenous Maya.

Ikat Matzah Box

  • This ikat matzah box will be a beautiful addition to your Passover Seder. The box is covered in beautiful dark blue ikat fabric. Ikat, or jaspe as it's known in Guatemala, is a complicated dying process to create patterns on textile products using knots. Only the most skilled of artisans can create ikat fabrics. The box measures 9x9x3" and is adorned with the hebrew letters for "matzah". The corners come together with a chord that can be untied for easy storage after Passover.

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