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These beautiful handcrafted Guatemalan aprons are produced by the artisans of Xetenox which is located near the city of Tecpan. The artisans live in a very rural Maya village where they speak the indigenous language of Kaqchikel. The group is made up of 8 artisans who are skilled in the arts of weaving and sewing. Over the years through MayaWorks trainings and much practice these artisans have mastered their craft. They are now able to master Ikat fabric, which is a very difficult design, and also can weave fabric of 36" width. The artisans are thankful to have their products sold in the United States as it offers them much needed work and allows them to better support their families through their fair wages.

Kitchen Apron

  • You will feel like you are cooking in Guatemala while you wear a bright and colorful handmade kitchen apron from MayaWorks. These durable and sturdy aprons are handcrafted by indigenous Maya artisans. They are hand woven on treadle foot looms with 100% heavyweight cotton thread in many beautiful designs. The aprons become softer with use and remain bright and beautiful through repeated washings. Guatemalan kitchen aprons measure 32" long by 28" wide. Ties secure around the back with two fabric straps measuring 19" each. Top ties around the neck with two fabric straps measuring 17.5" each. Front has two generous 7.5" by 8.5" pockets. Fair trade apron makes a great gift for your favorite cook and will withstand many years of wear in the kitchen!

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