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In the small hamlet of Tecpan, Guatemala, a group of six women weavers create the hand woven fabric and sew the Handmade Resuable Wine Sleeve. Using ancient weaving techniques, the women of Xetonox (pronounced Shey-ta-nosh) handweave the fabric on a foot loom. As a part of MayaWorks fair trade principles, they receive weaving and technical skills trainings to learn new weaving patterns, as well as sewing classes. MayaWorks artisans receive microloans and manage successful agricultural projects such as growing beans, strawberries for sale and raising piglets. Their fair trade products provide the women with additional income, while allowing them to work and care for their families at home.

Reusable Wine Sleeve

  • The Handmade Reusable Wine Sleeve is an eco-friendly alternative to a gift bag and makes a great holiday gift along with a bottle of wine. Made of hand woven cotton fabric and finished with a satin tie, these handcrafted wine bags measure approximately 13 ¼” tall x 7” wide. Hand made by Mayan artisans in the community of Xetonox in Tecpán, Guatemala. 100% cotton with a satin tie. Fits small or large bottles of wine.
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