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These handmade visitation stoles are made by indigenous Maya artisans in the community of Chixot in the central highlands region. This artisan group is made up of 11 individuals, men and women, who are very skilled at sewing. They are gifted weavers and sewers. The incredible skill of the Chixot artisans is evident in the craftsmanship of this chaplain stole . By selling their products through MayaWorks, the artisans are guaranteed a fair and living wage for their work that allows them to support their families and contribute to the economic development of their small community.

Healing Colors Visitation Clergy Stole

  • MayaWorks’ fair trade clerical stoles are now available in a visitation style for clergy and chaplains with healing ministries. The rainbow colored stole features healing colors with a Mayan cross accent in gold. Guatemalan artisans hand-weave the fabric for these beautiful fair trade stoles on treadle foot looms. Then they construct the shape so that it lays flat and comfortable on the neck and chest. The stole folds and fits in a pocket making it easy to be ready for hospital and hospice visits. Each stole takes approximately 6 hours to complete. The purchase of these stoles helps to improve the quality of life of the Maya women who create them, as well as the lives of their families and communities. MayaWorks' fair trade, hand made Healing Colors visitation stole makes a thoughtful and unique gift for clergy who administer to the sick and who are committed to social justice.The Healing Colors visitation stole measures approximately 3” wide and hangs 26" from the drop. It's lightweight weighing less than 2 ounces and features a slightly cut-out neckline so that the stole lays flat and is not bulky around the neck. This handmade stole is made with 100% cotton thread. The cross is embroidered using rayon threads. Cold water wash and line dry.
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