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Our expandable headbands are created by the artisans of Agua Caliente who live in a rural village near the city of Chimaltenango within the central highlands area of the country. The Maya indigenous artisans of this group excel in the creation of items using treadle foot looms and make many of MayaWorks' home goods. In recent years MayaWorks has sponsored skills trainings with these artisans on using sewing machines. They are very open to learning new skills and are also very creative with their work. Some artisans have even created their own unique fabrics which are now used in MayaWorks products! The artisans of Agua Caliente make a fair wage in the production of this Guatemalan runner which allows them to better support their families.

Kid's Expandable Headband

  • This versatile and stylish handmade headband is now available to fit younger girls heads! This fair trade headband can be worn folded or expanded to a bandana size, leaving the style up to you! These headbands are intended for the ages of 8 and up, and are available in light green, light pink, dark pink, light purple, and aqua. The handmade expandable headband measures 10½ inches in diameter and the lower portion of the band is elastic and fits most children. Each headband is hand woven by Maya artisans in Guatemala, making each unique and special. Purchasing these headbands directly improves the lives of the Maya artisans who weave them by helping to support their families, provide food and basic necessities, and strengthen the economic status of their community. The soft weave of this expandable headband is comfortable and light, and won’t pull or snag the hair. This fair trade headband comes in a variety of colors and is sure to keep up with even the most active of little girls.
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