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Carefully hand beaded by 30 skilled indigenous Mayan artisans, the Mayan Beaded Infinity Bracelet in green or orange is a wonderful addition to MayaWorks beaded jewelry collection. Santiago Atitlán is located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, a beautiful Guatemalan lake surrounded by volcanoes. The artisans of this group receive a fair wage for their hand beaded items as well as literacy classes and technical skills trainings.

Mayan Beaded Infinity Bracelet

  • Brighten up any outfit with this new handmade infinity bracelet. Each set comes with 3 bracelets made with a variety of brightly colored beads in green and orange hues. Maya artisans in Guatemala hand bead each fair trade bracelet into a round woven design, giving them their unique shape. Wear them all together to make a statement, or individually to add just a touch of color to your outfit. The Mayan Beaded Infinity Bracelet fits most wrists with each bracelet measuring between 7½ and 8 inches in diameter. These fair trade bracelets make the perfect complement to any ensemble for both day and night! Each bracelet is hand beaded individually by an indigenous artisan. Your purchase helps to improve the lives of these artisans by providing enough income for them to raise their children, provide food and basic necessities, and strengthen their communities. The beaded infinity bracelet makes a stylish and meaningful gift for women and teens!

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