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MayaWorks fair trade clerical stoles are hand woven by indigenous Maya artisans in the rural community of Santiago Atitlán. The stole weavers live in a small halmet which is located directly on beautiful Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. In the 1970s an American priest by the name of Stanley Rother, or as his community called him, Padre Aplás, was concerned about the poverty he witnessed affecting the Mayan people. Knowing their incredible weaving talent, he encouraged them to use their weaving skills to create a means of income. Father Rother believed there was a market for Mayan clerical stoles. The artisans spent many years perfecting their craft and the symbols displayed in the product. Sadly, Padre Aplás was murdered in the Guatemalan Civil War but his spirit still lives on in the people of Lake Atitlán. MayaWorks has proudly worked with these weavers since 1997 and provides them a fair wage for their work.

Mayan Rainbow Striped Clerical Stole

  • The Guatemalan clerical stole is now available in a joyous welcoming rainbow design! Each hand made stole is woven by Maya artisans in Guatemala. The rainbow stole features a gradual variegated transition of color throughout the stole, with dark blue fringe lining the bottom. The purchase of these stoles helps to improve the quality of life of the Maya women who create them, as well as the lives of their families and communities. MayaWorks fair trade, hand made clerical stoles make a thoughtful and unique gift for new pastors, friends, or anyone concerned with social justice. Woven in 100% cotton thread, handcrafted stoles should be spot cleaned. Rainbow stoles measure approximately 4” wide and 52.5” long from the drop (105 inches end to end) and also include an additional 4” fringe. A straight neckline is held from the collar with a woven fabric chord.
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