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Each recycled cornhusk angel is unique and individually crafted by one of the 8 artisans of the community of Xetonox. The Xetonox group is located within the rural village of Tecpan, near the city of Chimaltenango in Guatemala. Many years ago when thinking of their first product they were going to create for MayaWorks these artisans decided to use materials that were local to them. As their community grows an abundance of corn they had the idea of using dried cornhusk to create these festive little angels. It took them many months to perfect their craft and now the cornhusk angels are one of their most favorite products to create. Mastering this craft has given these artisans the self esteem to expand their skills in weaving and sewing. They are very grateful to be making a fair wage and to be able to provide beautifully handcrafted products to their customers.

Decorative Cornhusk Angel – 6”

  • These beautiful little holiday angels are not only handcrafted, they are also recycled! Made with dried cornhusk from the community of Xetonox, where these little angels are created, this is a truly unique holiday decoration! Each delicate angel stands 6” tall and is adorned with a cornhusk braid, wings and a little fabric halo. Crafted with the careful hands of indigenous Maya artisans these fair trade angels are a conversation starter at your next holiday party. You will want several to decorate your home. Not just for the holiday, they can be used year round so angels are always looking over you! These angel decorations are produced using fair trade standards and allow the artisans who create them to earn a living wage so they can support their families.
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