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These beautiful clerical stoles are created by the talented artisans of Santiago Atitlán situated on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. The artisans of Lake Atitlán create many products for MayaWorks. In addition to clerical stoles, they also do much of our bead and crochet work. The stole weavers live in a small hamlet of Santiago Atitlán called Panabaj. They have been weaving Guatemalan fair trade clerical stoles since the 1970s. This was an idea of an American priest, Stanley Rother, who was the pastor of Santiago's Catholic Church. Looking at the incredible weaving skills of the indigenous people, he thought of the idea of weaving clerical stoles to create a source of income. MayaWorks began work with this group in 1997 and now clerical stoles have become one of our most popular products. The artisans work in safe working conditions and make a fair and living wage for their work. This allows them to support their families and create economic sustainability within their small community.

White and Gold Celebration Clerical Stole

  • MayaWorks handmade clerical stoles help create income for indigenous Maya artisans in Guatemala. Our liturgical stole in white and gold is one of our most popular products as it is often used to celebrate a special occasion such as an ordination or a wedding. It is also our most difficult stole to weave due to the intricate symbols adorning it. This fair trade stole makes a great gift for your social justice minded pastor who will appreciate the hard work that went into making this unique stole. The Celebration clerical stole is woven in a mixture of muted orange, yellow and white threads in a striped pattern that also incorporates symbols such as the baptismal font, wedding bands, grapes, host, shafts of wheat, chalice and cross. Stoles are woven in 100% cotton thread and should be spot cleaned. This handmade stole measures approximately 4” wide by 52.5” long measuring from the center with an additional 4” fringe. Straight neckline is held from the collar by a woven fabric chord.
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