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MayaWorks partners with over 125 indigenous artisans in Guatemala who create our striking fair trade products.

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MayaWorks helps women transform their skills into a means of financial support for their families by creating a market for the traditional arts of Maya artisans. Giving Guatemalan women an opportunity to earn an income from their skills gives them self-confidence and hope for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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COVID-19 is having devastating effects on the lives and economies of indigenous communities in Guatemala where infection rates outstrip vaccination access. Government-imposed mitigation measures like curfews and local travel restrictions challenge us to deliver supplies to our artisans and bring their products to market. MayaWorks is most concerned with the health and livelihood of our partners and their families, so we are concentrating our efforts to keep our best-selling products in stock while we continue to build inventory during these unprecedented times. We are so grateful for your continued support.

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